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Our Goal

Sunrise Café opened in 2013 with the hopes of bringing residents and vacationers a place to enjoy home cooking by the beach. Our dream of opening a breakfast place started before the passing of the our family’s guardian angel, “Nana.” Helen M. Reid, a lifelong vacationer in Ocean City, loved her family and supported their dreams to the fullest. She was the best support system, and anyone who knew her was truly blessed to have gotten to have her in their lives.

The family has used her memory to start a small business, here, in her favorite place. Some of these memories include walks to some of our favorite places in Ocean City, NJ, sitting on the beach, taking long walks along the boardwalk or Asbury ave, stopping for a cup of tea. Those small moments nurtured our creativity and influenced us to appreciate the importance of family.

Our Inspiration

The last 12 months have been a very difficult time for my entire family. We lost a very loving, and caring, Mother and Nana. With the support of my family, I was able to leave my job to take care of her full time. Mom had an array of heath issues, from breast cancer to heart disease that could be controlled through medications and treatments. Along with her varied health problems, she was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s, for which there is no known treatments or cure.

For the past 7 years, I was losing my mother more and more each day. My mother and I had a very special bond that I would not trade for anything. Our relationship went from her mothering and nurturing me, to me mothering and nurturing her in her final days. My family, three children and husband, enjoyed every moment with her. She lived with my family for about 20 years, so she was a huge part of our daily lives. She was so much more then a “Nana.” They truly loved having her part of their everyday lives and taking her places. Some of her favorites were going out to lunch, walks through the zoo, and spending many days on the Ocean City beach and boardwalk. She was a simple person that truly saw the best in everyone. Strangers, as well as friends, would often comment on how attentive we all were to her. For us, it was simple. We loved her and only wanted her to be happy, which wasn’t hard to do. She loved us all and would constantly tell everyone, just how special they were to her. Even though she had this horrible illness, she was always happy and pleasant. To have her spirit of happiness, alive in my family, is truly a gift.

   Alzheimer’s is a growing disease, one that is affecting so many families around the world. To watch a loved one struggle each day with memory loss is so awful, and completely out of your, and their control. There is nothing anyone can do currently, to prevent, reverse, or improve memory loss. In her honor, we are opening “SUNRISE CAFÉ.” Opening a restaurant has always been something we wanted to do. If she were here today, she would be greeting each and every one of you with a friendly smile, and would only see the good in all. She would be sitting with her cup of tea, greeting customers, and telling me how nice each of you was to her today. That is just the way she was…

Sunrise Café, has decided to donate a portion of our net sales to the “Cure Alzheimer’s Fund” in my mothers name, Helen Marie Reid. Anything we can do to bring a cure to this horrible disease is a step in the right direction.
We Thank You all for the continued support! God Bless..


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